Your Company. On Demand

On Demand Platforms are complicated entities and come with lot of moving parts. Creating the digital infrastructure from scratch needs a longer turnaround time, is expensive and a taxing experience. We understand this space and the technology. Your company is in demand, we make you on demand.  Contact one of our business development professionals to learn more.

Your app on the app stores

Your company, your app now available on the app stores

We customize our mobile and cloud based software with your brand. Our Private Label Software allows our clients to offer a native application with their company logo and branding. Homeowners in your area can search for your company in either the App Store or Google Play. Downloads for your employees and customers are always free of charge.

Charm your customers

Consumers today want things when they want it. Going on demand enables you to sell more and scale faster.

Securely communicate with one or all parties involved through the integrated secure messaging system.

Generate more revenue

Technology is not where the industry is headed, but where the industry is. Cuttly creates the ultimate ecosystem for homeowners and their preferred service provider.

The Cuttly app allows landscaping providers to spend more time working and generating revenue, and less time with office tasks and marketing to new customers.

Operate more efficiently

  • Manage Orders
  • Assign jobs
  • Organizes job queue
  • Receives Automatic Payments
  • Matches crews to customers
  • Monitors job status in real time
  • Tracks employees
  • Monitors and improves job ratings

Beat your competition

Provide an Uber-like experience, you stand out from the competition. Not only will you capture new markets, your customers will keep coming back.

Enhance the user experience for lawn mowing and snow removal and beat the competition.

Powerful Tools

  • Native iOS apps
  • Push Notifications
  • Facebook Login
  • Paypal Braintree payment processing
  • Twilio secure messaging
  • Customers charged automatically
  • Automatic invoices emailed
  • Automatic receipts emailed
  • Direct deposit for all jobs
  • Control your own pricing
  • Walkthrough
  • Unlimited Pros users allowed
  • SSL Security
  • Backend dashboard

Learn More

Contact us to see how you can have your own custom branded on demand app for business.  We can have your app on the app store and generating you revenue in weeks.